In 525,600 Minutes: Letter from the Editors

“Five-hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes… how do you measure a year? In daylights? In sunsets? In midnights? In cups of coffee? In inches? In miles of laughter and strife?” Asks one of the most well-known songs from Broadway’s Rent.

How about measuring in words? That’s what we’re trying to do.

When we look back on 2015, we see a year that brought exciting developments like supreme court support of same-sex marriage, disheartening global issues such as the Syrian refugee crisis, a battle for this year’s presidency, and simply bizarre phenomena like…the Blue and Black (yes, it IS blue and black!) Dress.

Behind issues and developments including these (not the Blue and Black Dress though, sorry) and many others, Enigma has spent the last year examining these events through a lens of data science and digital design. From its creation last January, to its first symposium last December, Enigma has transformed into the encapsulating data journal you see today.

As Enigma’s new co-Editors in Chief, we know that Tufts’ first student-run data journal on campus would not exist without its dedicated team of student journalists, editors, and hard-working members. As we come into 2016 with a brand new issue, we would like to send a nostalgic shout-out to all of the soon-to-be graduating seniors.

Thank you for guiding us, for sharing your passion for data journalism with us, and for inspiring us. From data mining, to designing visualizations, to creating a story, we ask a lot of the amazing writers on this team—and they have always impressed. We have learned a great deal from your individual talents and accomplishments during the past two semesters. Our new issue is a reflection of your hard work, unique interests, and overall impressive skills.

In this issue, we are proud to bring you a whole host of new topics, from the very exciting results of the Tufts Census to articles about health policy in Massachusetts and the eye-opening exploration about transgender violence across the country. This issue represents some of the best work of Enigma thus far, and we are so excited to be sharing this with you.


Shriya & Nina

Shriya Jamakandi
Shriya Jamakandi is a sophomore majoring in Economics and Community Health with a minor in Finance. In her spare time, she enjoys reading the Wall Street Journal and has a keen interest in tech start-ups and financial markets.
Nina Joung
Project Lead (former Co-Editor In Chief)
Nina Joung is a senior majoring in American Studies. She can be reached at

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