Where Exactly Do Tufts Graduates Go?

The 2014-15 academic year rolls to an end and a graduating class of more than 2,500 will scatter out across the globe. Curious about exactly where in the “real world” Tufts graduates end up after graduating? Here are some map visualizations – from data taken directly from senior surveys reported by the Tufts Career Center site – that begin to paint an answer.

The 2013 and 2014 cohorts quantify just how international our graduates’ first outcomes are (and will continue to be for the class of 2015 and beyond). Spanning over 25 countries, the most popular including Spain, France, Germany, India and China, graduates with degrees in International Relations take the gold for most geographically diverse post-grad destinations (big surprise)!

Domestically, we see greater major-wise diversity, although geographically most of our grads do settle in the East Coast.

Some interesting trends in how majors tend to cluster in specific locations – Computer Science in the Seattle tech scene, Anthropology around Boulder, Child Development near Miami. Note that a popular major cohort in one state doesn’t preclude others from finding opportunities – despite Texas being a hotbed for IR (like most other states actually… geez), IBM is in fact the most common employer for fresh Jumbo grads. California sees a similar melting pot of Tufts alumni – some previously Econ majors, some presently Corps Members and some soon-to-be Stanford graduates. In short, International Relations may be the Tufts major, but if you’re a Jumbo graduate with a marketable degree, the world is (literally) yours.

Overall summary of the reported data, you ask? Here’s the lowdown:


Funny enough, while we see a strong sample of graduates abroad, most of our post-grads are in fact right here. Rising upperclassmen, fret not for the ephemerality of your time at Tufts – there’s a good chance your Jumbo career won’t end with graduation.

Either way, as we disperse out into the “real world,” one human trend will invariably continue to reign true and this data, if anything, reminds us of just this.

No matter how you get there or where you end up, human beings have this miraculous gift to make that place home.

– Creed Bratton, The Office Finale

This post was originally published on our “Tufts Trends” blog on May 25, 2015.

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